Congratulations President Barack Obama, great victory, four more years.

President Barack Obama and the first family take the stage in Chicago after the president's re-election

 President Barack Obama Re-election Victory Night 2012!!                                                                                                           


Make Misspellings Work For You
Often, beginning genealogists miss their ancestors by sticking too firmly to the idea that “that’s not how my family spelled their name, so it can’t be my ancestor.” This statement ignores these basic truths: 1) Ancestors who were illiterate would have no idea how to spell their own name, let alone how someone else should Read More

Three Ways to Take Aim at Southern Brick Walls
Tracing ancestors in the American South in the 19th century produces some of the most frustrating genealogical challenges. The troublesome trademarks of these searches are all too common: ancestors who married before 1850, and therefore do not appear by name with their parents in earlier censuses; a female family member who married and changed her Read More

Reconnect with your Roots this Summer
Traveling can bring any family closer together, but imagine an RV camping trip that connects your family to past generations and the places that populate your family’s history. The comfort and convenience of an RV can be a great motivator for families to take a trip to travel back in time. Here are our best Read More

Family History Goes to School
The final weeks of the school year can trigger anxiety, especially if project deadlines are involved. If younger students are stumped about how to complete an assigned project, consider whether family history could be the key to their success. Crystal Farish, a researcher at AncestryProGenealogists, helped her own children connect with their past through school Read More

World War II Book Resources on Fold3
I was thinking about what to write for this month’s article and chose to look for D-Day resources on Ancestry and Fold3. I started with Fold3 with the idea there would be some reports that mention D-Day, and I found some in the WWII War Diaries, a collection with a large number of Naval reports. Read More

Murder in Matera: One Woman’s Quest to Uncover a Family Mystery
Thirteen lucky years ago I began searching for my great-great-grandmother, Vita. As a child I had heard stories of Vita Gallitelli, how she and her husband, Francesco Vena, had committed a murder in Southern Italy. How she had escaped to America with her two sons in 1892, settling in my future hometown of Jersey City, Read More

Father shares life changing discovery made possible with AncestryDNA
Barry is a veteran genealogist who took an AncestryDNA test to help confirm his decades worth of research. However, an average research day turned into a life‑changing event when he discovered a parent‑child match.  It was more than three decades ago that Barry drove his pregnant friend to the hospital. What he never suspected was the Read More

U.S., Army Transport Service, Passenger Lists, 1910-1939
Have you checked out the U.S., Army Transport Service, Passenger Lists, 1910-1939? The description tells us about the records. About This Collection The U.S. Army Transport Service (ATS) was established in 1899 as part of the Army Quartermaster Department. It was originally created to manage the transport of troops and cargo on Army ships that Read More

Photo Mystery: Who are these female service members during WWII?
How many people does it take to solve a picture mystery? The answer in this case is the right one. I’m willing to bet that these images documented an important period in a woman’s life. She took these candid pictures of her friends and colleagues in uniform. They sat in her collection unidentified until she Read More

Setting the Record Straight: Ancestry and Your DNA
[UPDATE] A quick update to this post. As I mentioned, we were working to clarify our Terms and Conditions language around the data rights – or license – you grant us when you take an AncestryDNA test. I’m happy to say that we have just posted the updates.] Ancestry has released updated Terms and Conditions. Read More